The Built-In Bed


Built-Ins have always been a sought-after feature in houses. If done well, they look stylish, save space, and most importantly create much needed storage. Increasingly, people are making built-ins multi-functional. Instead of just shelving or book-casing, they can also be seating and sleeping quarters. High quality built-ins add value to your property as they add a high end feel to an interior. Built-in beds can be a wonderful asset to children’s room but can be impractical if not designed with foresight. Because a built-in will be a permanent feature of a room (and generally an expensive one) the storage aspect should be designed to grow with your child. One must ask oneself what kinds of things will need to be stored in a few years or in many. It is a good idea to design both the bed and storage feature in a way that would be practical not just for your child but other home owners to come. Even if you know you will be staying in a home for a long time, the design should accommodate many scenarios. For example the storage may be used for toys now but text books later.

The best part about having a built-in bed in a child’s room (or any room really) is the cozy, nook-like retreat they create. Here are 2 of my favorite nook style built-ins:


The vintage style one on the left has particularly nice decorative storage features.

The following have nice but limited storage features:


The following have incredible storage features including full closet space.

This last one although not a true built-in but more of a custom bunk bed also had very creative storage features as well as being adorable!

If doing a built-in in your house, its important to have a trusted designer or architect design it rather than your general contractor. Built-in beds can be more complicated than they seem and as they will be a permanent feature, they must be well thought out.


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